Digital Advertising

Welcome To The Digital Age.

Increase Traffic

Digital advertising gives businesses, no matter their size or location, access to an unlimited potential when it comes to consumer reach. One of the main benefits of digital advertising is the ability to increase traffic exponentially. And whether that's traffic geared towards your website, phone number, online store, or even amazon products, the benefits of digital advertising (when executed properly) are simply unmatched in traditional marketing.

Increase Revenue

Driving traffic to your website is one thing, getting the consumer to engage is another. We specially tailor our services to cover all aspects of digital advertising, which most importantly is placing the client in the best position to make a sale. Part of our process involves a strong PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign, which will rank you higher on search engines. This gives the ability to see paid results the next day and potential customers won’t have to fish through a ton of results to find your company.


Our Services

Social Media

We provide full service campaigns for the following social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn. Cost effective and trackable results with minimal risk for businesses.


EDE provides full service PPC campaigns. We have helped countless businesses gain exposure, sales and leads, and we can do the same for you!


If your looking to optimize your products and increase sales on Amazon, we can help you! Amazon's SEO indicators aren't comparable to Google's, so good thing EDE is here to help you create and approach the correct strategy!

Our Process & Plan

As listed above, EDE offers services for all aspects of digital advertising. Our services include the measuring and reporting of performance of all campaigns daily, assessment of goals (ROI and KPI’s), instrument conversion pointing, user funnel optimization, and the identifying of trends and insights to optimize spending. Also, our ad services consist of clickbait, forums, videos, photos, graphics and even blogs that help engage users. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you take your business’s online advertising to the next level.

What You Receive

The Numbers Speak For Themselves.

1 Bil.

visit Facebook each day.

1 Bil.

are registered with major social media platforms

Why Use Digital Advertising?

Cost- Effective

Traditional advertising like billboards and TV have been exclusive to big businesses for decades. Now, businesses of all shapes and sizes have access to digital campaigns on social media that can be effective at a number as low as $5.00, along with PPC campaigns that don’t come with initial cost to set up. What isn’t there to like about digital advertising?

Fit For All

Digital advertising not only has unlimited potential, but also no boundaries when it comes to the user profile. Whether you’re trying to become a fashion icon, social media influencer, or running your own business, digital advertising can be used for both the personal and professional (corporate) markets! A true fit for all!

Ability To Target

Social media and PPC campaigns allow for extensive and in-depth consumer targeting, which is a luxury not available in most forms of traditional advertising. Targeting through use of digital ad also comes with the ability to track success, whether thats through keyword or phrase usage, link clicks, sales increase or even calls received. 

Brand Recognition

Never before have individuals had access to showcasing their products and services to the masses on such a scale. Many major businesses and brands in today’s world have relied heavily or even solely on digital presence for their business model to succeed. Nowhere else can your brand go viral then the internet! 

Data, Data, Data!

When you place an ad on the internet, whether that’s on Facebook, Google, or Instagram, you get real-time data and insights. You gain detailed information on who interacted with your ad (their demographics, lifestyles, habits, etc.), how much money you’re spending, and sales increase. This allows for the data to be used and reinvested in your digital campaign to produce even better results!

Levels The Playing Field

While digital advertising is available to the general public, no one has the “upper hand” when it comes to sharing the success within its platforms. So while you may be the new kid in town, you will still be able to hold your own and show those big guys your business matters to!