Branding Services


Why Branding Is Imperative

The bottom line is that your business needs a brand identity. Without one, it is hard to create any type of advertising, convey a message to an audience, or just be successful in the marketplace. Branding yourself consists of entities like your logo, mottos, colors, fonts, voice, direction, taglines, and more. A compelling brand differentiates your business from competitors in the marketplace.  

Your brand provides a long lasting and emotional connection with your target audience. It is the foundation for every traditional and non traditional marketing campaign you move forward with. Now ask yourself, is your brand reflective of your business?

Our Services

Brand Formation

EDE offers branding services for businesses that are new to the market, which includes logo design, mottos / slogans, fonts, colors, etc. to make sure your brand stands out in today’s world.

Brand Identity

EDE offers identity services for businesses looking for a more involved / personalized relationship with EDE, which includes logos, tagline, marketing collateral creation, advisement, etc.

Brand Refresh

EDE also offers branding services for businesses that already have a fully or partially established brand on the market but are seeking to take things to the next level and or alter their market appearance.

Why us?

We Design The Brand You Have Dreamed About.

We understand you want your brand to be the next best thing, and we want to help get you there! We use the most successful, important, and advanced ways and tools to help getting you where we know you can be!

Our Process

To give you some insight on our branding services process, EDE incorporates researching consumer markets, monitors market trends and identifies potential areas in which to invest (based upon consumer needs and spending habits)generate names for new and existing products and services, come up with ideas for new packaging designs, including shape, size, colors, fonts and imagery, and much much more! Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how we can help give you a brand identity!