Why Your Business Needs Social Media

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By Shreya Shah

May 22nd, 2019

How many times do you visit your social media accounts in a day? When you first wake up, when you’re waiting for your date at a restaurant, while watching TV (let’s be real, who actually watches TV and who just uses it as background noise?), and right before bed. But still, why social media?

Marketing, as defined by the American Marketing Association, is the activity and process for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Social Media, arguably, is building a brand and increasing a brand’s visibility, through relationships and communication with potential customers. This information, coupled with the fact that social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world (Facebook has over 2 billion active users and YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram are not far behind), means that it is vital to begin investing in social media.

Whether you are a small local shop or a fortune 500, the millions of daily users provides a reach unparalleled in terms of building that brand awareness and having positive relationships. It would be near impossible to adequately communicate with the amount of customers and potential customers that social networking sites do with ease.

Note from the Author:

“Hello. My name is Shreya Shah and I’m the Social Media Services Manager here at EveryDayEspo. I help showcase your company through social networking sites so you can focus on creating and building that personality offline.”


A company’s social media needs to have a particular personality. Whether it is honest (like fact pages) or smart and sassy (like Taco Bell), your audience will enjoy tone and a voice over dry, corporate-style jargon. Your followers want to see the real people behind the profiles.


Simply posting photos every 2 days isn’t enough. Play with different ways to reach out to your viewers. Whether it is a this-or-that, livestream Q&A, or a comment below of your thoughts, ensure that your social media is constantly flowing. There are And most importantly, let yourself learn as you go along!

Customer Service

Twitter is one of the largest platforms utilized as a customer service base; when there are issues in your company, or questions that customers have, many turn to Facebook and Twitter as sources of information. It is very important, therefore, to have such information readily available. 


Ad campaigns can be costly, but will bring a plethora of value if executed correctly. The most important thing to know is who your audience is. For example, Millenials and Gen X prefer entertainment-type ads while Baby Boomers prefer click ads with discounts. Educating and entertaining your audience through your posts to create that spark in your social media.

Having a strong social media presence is a great way to develop brand awareness. But being able to create a personality through a social networking site isn’t easy. You’ll need graphics, designs, photoshoots, comments, captions, hashtags, analytics and more to grow your accounts, and that’s why we’re here. We at EveryDayEspo are dedicated to building your social media presence so give us a call and let us lend you a helping hand!

-Shreya Shah